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50th Reunion Survey

Planning a Reunion, particularly a 50th can be quite challenging. You remember how varied our Class was. Well, that variation is compound by 50 years passing, so you can imagine there will be lots of different ideas as to how we should celebrate our 50th Reunion. Celebrate we should and you should participate. Not just for what you may get from being there, but what you are able to add to the celebration. Your experiences over the 50 years since we graduated mean that you are someone special, with many stories that are worth sharing with your classmates. After all, a Class is only the some total of all of our experiences. 

Please complete the attached survey. It will give your classmates who are doing the planning for this event much useful information and ideas. 

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1)   * Do you plan on attending our Reunion?

Select the answer that most closely represents your plans.
2)   If you plan on attending, do you plan on attending:

3)   For those who choose not to attend, what is the one major reason that makes you feel that a Reunion is not for you?

Only those not interested in attending should answer.
4)   How far do you live from the Boston area?

5)   Did you attend?

Check all you attended.
6)   If you attended the 40th or 45th Reunion, what would you most like to change?

7)   Which of the following would you like to be included in a Reunion? Keep in mind each item will require an increase in the cost of attending.

Check all you would like
8)   If the Reunion was a single night activity, how much would you be willing to spend to attend? Please, we are looking for how much you are able to or willing to spend, not what you would want to spend.

Remember, not what you would like, but what you are willing/able to pay. This is the price per person.
9)   If the Reunion was over an entire weekend (Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday morning), how much would you be willing to spend. Please, not the amount you would like to spend, but the amount you are willing/able to spend?

This is the price per person.
10)   Other comments or suggestions regarding the 50th Reunion.